The Korean American Community Foundation (KACF) was organized to serve the Korean-American community of the Greater New York Metropolitan Area by providing a venue where Korean Americans of all generations can help enrich the lives of their neighbors by giving, with even “a dollavr a day.

KACF raises funds and distributes these funds to social-service organizations serving the Korean-American community and beyond. To our supporters, we provide an opportunity to contribute back to the community. To our grantee organizations, we provide financial and other assistance. To the Korean-American community, we create awareness of our social-service needs and issues, and help cultivate a culture of giving. To the community at large and other communities, we build bridges.

Korean Americans are one of the fastest growing Asian groups in the United States. This population represents a dynamic immigrant community, which as a whole has achieved significant economic success. However, this is only part of the Korean immigrant story as there are many Korean Americans facing social and economic challenges, particularly among the elderly, disadvantaged youth, physically and mentally challenged, and low-income immigrant families. The KACF exists to open doors through fund-raising and supporting community and social-service organizations.

KACF is committed to developing a dialog among Korean Americans, young and old, providing a platform for support within our community and opportunities to connect with others around the Greater New York Metropolitan Area