4th Annual Building Bridges Gala
October 21, 2009

Our Grantees

American Wheat Mission in New Jersey (AWMNJ)

Established in 1994, American Wheat Mission in New Jersey’s mission is to inspire and empower people with developmental disabilities. It provides art-based therapy, fellowship geared towards improved socialization, and life-skills activities to Korean children and adults with disabilities. AWMNJ’s goal is to help children, teens and adults with disabilities, such as autism, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, to become independent and participating member of the community.

Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE)

Asian Americans for Equality, Inc., a non-profit organization established in 1974, seeks to advance the rights of Asian Americans and others in need. During the past 35 years, AAFE has evolved into a nationally recognized affordable housing developer and an experienced social service provider. KACF’s grant supports its Flushing Immigrant Housing Initiative that serves over 1,500 Koreans annually. It provides community education on tenant rights, homeownership counseling for first time homebuyers, predatory lending prevention, access to affordable housing opportunities, and housing legal services for low-income individuals and families.

American Cancer Society Eastern Division Asian Initiatives

Due to language and cultural barriers, many Asian immigrants do not have access to cancer prevention information, screenings, cancer care services and patient support programs. In response to this need, American Cancer Society Eastern Division launched the Asian Initiatives in 2006. The goal of the Asian Initiatives, the program that KACF’s grant supports, is to promote public education on cancer prevention; to arrange free screening services for breast cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer and hepatitis B; to provide free services for cancer patients such as individual and group counseling, transportation for chemo/radiation therapy, pre or post surgery support; and to organize volunteer-driven community events to raise awareness about cancer prevention, early detection and survivorship. 

Asian Women's Christian Association (AWCA)

Asian Women’s Christian Association started as the New Jersey Korean YWCA in 1986, and was established as AWCA, an independent 501(c)(3) organization, in July 2000. AWCA provides professional counseling, social welfare services, cultural and educational programs for Asian-American immigrant women, family, and the elderly. KACF’s grant supports the Senior Center which provides English as Second Language classes, citizenship examination classes, arts and crafts workshops, physical fitness and health seminars, cultural activities and lunch program. AWCA also helps seniors access Medicaid/Medicare and provide rental assistance and translation services.

Brooklyn Elder Korean American Foundation (BEKAF)

Founded in 2000, the Brooklyn Elder Korean American Foundation’s offers English as Second Language classes, social benefits counseling, physical and recreational activities, and lunch program. BEKAF also organizes cultural celebrations and provides free medical screenings and flu shots 3-4 times a year.  The primary goal for BEKAF is to provide seniors living in Brooklyn and Staten Island an opportunity for socialization to reduce the sense of isolation due to language, culture and geographical location.

Coalition of Asian Children and Families (CACF)

Founded in 1986, CACF is an advocacy organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Asian Pacific American children in New York City. CACF is the nation's only pan-Asian children's advocacy organization. CACF has projects focusing on school advocacy, child welfare advocacy, community mental health, and public education. KACF’s grant supports its Asian American Student Advocacy Project (ASAP). The goal of ASAP is to improve the civic participation, literacy skills and college attendance of disadvantaged Asian Pacific American youth through project-based learning.

Family in Touch (FIT)


Founded in 2001, Family in Touch addresses educational and social service needs of Korean immigrant children, youth and families.  In a holistic approach, FIT works with both young people and their parents to help the entire family lead healthy lives.   With KACF’s grant, FIT provides mentoring, individual counseling, drug prevention workshops, and life skills seminars to youths at-risk. Parental involvement, through educational seminars or support groups, is critical to young people’s success, and FIT works closely with the entire family to help young people become physically, emotionally, and socially healthy.   

Korean American Community Center of New York

Founded in 1999, the mission of Korean American Community Center of New York is to help recent Korean immigrants adapt to their lives in the United States and provide essential services. The Center offers English for Speakers of Other Language classes, computer literacy workshops, entitlement assistance counseling to help individuals and families access public benefits such as Medicaid and food stamps, and education about social security tax and benefits.

Korean American Family Service Center (KAFSC)

Founded in 1989, Korean American Family Service Center is the first domestic violence organization dedicated to serving the Korean American community in New York City.  Its mission is to prevent and put an end to violence of any form in the home and in intimate partner relationships. Towards this goal, KAFSC provides intensive case management to women and families, bolsters positive development of elementary school students through an after-school program, and empowers youths by engaging them in a community leadership program.  KACF’s grant supports its Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention Program that provides bilingual 24-hour crisis hotline, individual and group counseling, individual advocacy, community outreach and education, and economic empowerment workshops.

Korean American Senior Citizen’s Association of New Jersey (KASCANJ)

Korean American Senior Citizen’s Association of New Jersey is dedicated to improving the well-being of senior citizens and promoting programs that enrich the quality of life for senior citizens in New Jersey. It provides English as Second Language classes in target areas such as survival, health and citizenship, as well as benefits counseling to help low-income individuals and families receive Medicaid, Medicare and/or food stamps. The benefits counseling is conducted by a case manager and a cadre of Korean senior peers who are trained on social work case management to help other seniors at the KASCANJ. The organization also operates a food bank in partnership with Center for Food Action.

Milal Mission in New York

Milal Mission in New York was established in 1993, as a branch of the greater Milal Mission in Korea, a faith-based organization working with people with disabilities. Its goal is to help children and adults with physical and mental developmental disabilities and their families achieve a sense of self-determination and independence. Mil Al offers therapeutic and skills-building activities for young people and operates a residential group home for adults. It also provides vocational training and employment for working-age adults through a cleaning cooperative.

Rainbow Center

The Rainbow Center began in 1993 with a focus on providing a safe haven for interracially married Korean women who had no place to turn to for help during times of crisis. But since its founding, the Center has expanded its work to embrace all immigrant Asian women in crisis in the greater New York metropolitan area by providing short- and long-term shelter for women as well as counseling, job training and placement, and benefits counseling to victims of domestic violence, substance abuse and mental illness. Additionally, the Center conducts public awareness and outreach and engages in campaign to end racism, sexism, and other social issues.

Sanctuary for Families

Sanctuary for Families is New York’s largest nonprofit agency exclusively dedicated to serving the clinical, economic, legal, and shelter needs of domestic violence victims and their children. Founded in 1984, services include crisis and transitional housing, individual and group counseling, legal services, housing and benefits assistance, a mentoring program, and a specialized program for children who have witnessed or experienced abuse. Sanctuary is also involved in extensive training, public awareness, and advocacy programs. KACF’s grant supports its Korean American Domestic Violence Initiative which provides direct legal representation to Korean survivors of domestic violence and trafficking and connects them to appropriate support services.

YKASEC – Empowering the Korean American Community


YKASEC (Young Korean American Service and Education Center) was established in 1984 to meet the needs and concerns of the Korean American community through program areas focused on immigrant rights, education, social service, and cultural preservation.  YKASEC places a special emphasis on meeting the needs of marginalized community members who have less access to resources, including the youth, the elderly, recent immigrants, low-income residents, and limited English proficient residents.  KACF’s grant supports it Youth Empowerment Project (YEM). Through YEM, young people receive academic support, participate in practical skills-building workshops, gain leadership development experience, and engage in opportunities for civic participation and community involvement.   

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