Your gift of time and talents makes a difference and goes to the best nonprofits serving the Korean immigrant community.

  • Participate in the Community Grants Committee (CGC)
    Join the annual Community Grants Committee, and share your expertise and knowledge through the community grantmaking process.
  • Attend a KACF event
    Participate in several events throughout the year, including the Giving Summit, Spring / Summer Benefit, Golf Classic, and the Annual Gala. By attending and participating, you are supporting KACF’s mission.
  • Volunteer at KACF
    Look out for opportunities to volunteer at KACF throughout the year, including events and special projects. You can sign up for our mailing list and contact for more information.
  • Join the 365 Pledge Program
    The 365 Pledge Program brings together a community of engaged individuals who are committed to giving back by donating $1 a day through monthly or annual support. It is a fantastic opportunity to get plugged into the KACF community through giving opportunities and volunteer engagements. 
  • Share KACF’s newsletters, blog and social media
    We need your support in raising awareness of critical needs in our community. Please share and “like” our posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also follow our Newsletter and Blog.


Korean American Community Foundation
135 East 64th Street, New York, NY 10065
Phone: 332-265-0508