What We Do

The Korean American Community Foundation (KACF) provides grants and organizational development support to nonprofit groups working to address the most pressing needs in the Korean American community and beyond. This is possible through our work to foster philanthropic giving among Korean Americans, corporations and foundations, and we provide our supporters with an effective vehicle to magnify the impact of their giving.

Why does this matter?

The United States is home to the largest population of overseas Koreans. We are the fifth largest Asian American ethnic group, with a population of nearly 2 million.

Although many Korean Americans are thriving in this country, there are also many who are struggling. 

KACF works to address the needs of under-resourced and underserved individuals and families so that we can be stronger as a community. Here are four ways we are doing that:




Economic security is the bedrock that enables vulnerable populations to achieve self-sufficiency, improve their quality of life and build strong futures. KACF invests in programs and initiatives that strengthen the economic security of low-income Korean Americans. 

As of today, KACF has invested nearly $14 million in grants to 85 unique grantee partner organizations and more than 380 initiatives since the Foundation first began making grants in 2003. 

Through our grantmaking, we fund programs and initiatives addressing housing and homelessness, mental health, unemployment, health care access, domestic violence, budget equity and advocacy, research and narrative change, and more. Our funds support pathways to immediate and long-term economic stability, so that individuals and families can realize their full potential. 

KACF uses a participatory grantmaking model through our Community Grants Committee. Following comprehensive training, participants evaluate grant proposals, conduct site visits, and make recommendations for funding.


Improving Nonprofit Effectiveness

Stronger nonprofit organizations make stronger communities. KACF invests in high-performing nonprofits and supports their organizational development, to enhance the impact of their work and strengthen our community.

Since 2014, KACF has helped nonprofit grantee partners succeed through its capacity building program, which shares expertise on strategic planning, board development, fundraising and more. We have provided management consulting services totaling over $1.2 million as of 2020

Find out more about our capacity building work here


Promoting a Culture of Giving

Opportunities to learn about the challenges and needs in our society can inspire philanthropic leaders and drive communities to participate in solutions. KACF instills a culture of giving that is collective and strategic among Korean Americans, with the goal of making lasting social impact across generations. 

KACF leverages the expertise and financial resources among community members to achieve this goal together. Learn more about how you can be a part of it here


Volunteer Engagement

Volunteers have played an integral role in KACF’s success since it was founded. We engage volunteers through various initiatives, including the Community Grants Committee (CGC) and fundraising events such as our Annual Gala and Summer Benefit. Join our mailing list and follow us on social media for the next opportunity. 


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